Chocolates and Waffles in Brussels, Belgium – Ciao Cassidy

I first wrote this post in October 2013 when we visited Brussels during our first 2 months of worldschooling.

The first thing we did once we arrived in Brussels was eat! We walked around trying to find The Grand Place, but instead we found chocolates and waffles!

There were loads of chocolate shops with all different kinds of sweets, candy, and nougats. They designed the chocolate shops so beautifully that they made us want to go in every one we saw. While we were there we got some nougats, caramels, and cookies that were amazing and filled with butter. The waffle shops were everywhere!!! We couldn’t get rid of them and so we had to eat at least one per day!

They had so many flavors to choose from, for example: chocolate sauce, white chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, and speculoos sauce that tastes like cinnamon.  All of these flavors could be made with fresh fruit and whipped cream on top.  My favorite was speculoos with fresh strawberries. Yum!!!

TTC speculoos waffle

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