Fun in the Mud! Dalyan River Cruise, Turkey – Ciao Cassidy

September 2014

Our first day in Dalyan, Turkey was quite interesting and almost indescribable. We had decided the night before to go on a boat trip along the Dalyan river without knowing what it was going to be like. The morning of our boat trip we were told that a car would come pick us up, but instead, we found a man with a fluorescent green old Jeep without seat belts waiting outside of our hotel. The ride was awesome but was very short – I wish it would have been longer!

After we got off the Jeep, we got onto the boat that we would be staying on for the rest of the day. It looked like we were going on an all-day jungle cruise in Disneyland! The river looked like a river in the jungle mixed with the Nile – one minute it was dry with desert plants and reeds everywhere and the next minute it was covered in trees and flowers.  Our boat was very rustic and fun and we loved sitting on the front watching the amazing scenery go by! At our first stop, the guide stopped and explained to us about the ancient Lycian royal tombs that were quite interesting.

Our second stop was at a turtle beach named Iztuzu Beach. They would attract the turtle with a crab so that they would come to shore and be seen by us tourists. Not only did we get to see a gigantic sea turtle, but we also got to eat fresh caught crab!  After we spent an hour and a half at the amazing crystal blue water beach, we left to eat a buffet lunch at a restaurant along the river.

After the filling lunch, we went to the most fun part of the day… THE MUD BATH!!!!!! I could not wait to cover myself in the skin smoothing mud! We got there in our bathing suits and I dove into the mud that laid right in front of me. After I covered myself in mud, I waited ten minutes for it to dry and then took a shower so that then I could relax in the thermal baths.

Once the boat trip was finished, we walked around the shopping streets in Dalyan and then settled down at a restaurant. By the time we got home we were completely exhausted and went straight to bed after a long day of excitement and FUN!!

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