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Since I travel all year long and am always looking for the latest teen hair fashions, I decided to share my favorite travel hairstyles with you!

While traveling, I’ve noticed that not every hairstyle is suitable for travel days. For example, sometimes different types of travel days require different hairstyles. There are of course those few hairdos that look good and stay in place whenever you wear them. Here are some pretty and practical hairstyles for travel days:

  1. One of my favorite hairstyles for those long travel days when you’re constantly moving around is a “ponytail” with a braid going down the side. I love this hairstyle because it is comfortable and doesn’t come undone easily while dealing with heavy bags, backpacks, and all sorts of transportation.
Photo Credit – MissySueBlog – Instagram
  1. For all those long airplane flights when you want to try and sleep comfortably without messing up your hair, this is the perfect solution. This great hairstyle is a simple French braid that will stay looking neat even if you sleep on it for hours. Plus, since it was already a loose braid to begin with, if a few strands of hair fall out during the trip, it will still look pretty and stylish.
  1.  A fabulous travel day hairstyle is a combination of a half “ponytail” and a “fishtail” braid. I know it sounds really strange but it is one of the prettiest hairstyles I have ever seen and it’s also very suitable for those busy days touring through museums, exploring archaeological sites, or shopping in the city. This hairstyle also looks great in photos! I like to fashion my hair like this when I explore new cities and am continuously on the move.
Photo Credit to MissySueBlog – Instagram
  1. While traveling through a lot of airports, I’ve noticed many girls wearing half ponytails with buns. This hairstyle is also very simple and doesn’t have to be perfect because it’s called a messy bun. I love this one because is suitable for all types of hair and is perfect for any type of travel day. Plus, it’s really simple to do and it looks great with everything.
Photo Credit to TeenageOvercast – Instagram
  1. A hairdo I personally love for those long voyaging days is a bun with twisted pieces of hair going down the sides and if you do a messy bun it comes out even better. This is a hairstyle that is more suitable for sightseeing days since it is not as comfortable to wear a bun on an airplane when you try to sleep. It’s also a really cute hairstyle for the winter season with a thick scarf or turtleneck or for a hot summer day at the beach.
Photo Credit to InspoByElvirall – Instagram

So this is just a simple guide to some travel day hairstyles that I think are amazing. They will look great in all those photos you’ll be taking on vacation and they will keep your hair in place while you enjoy the sights. So don’t miss out on the opportunity of being the most stylish girl at the airport when you get the chance. Enjoy your hairstyle tips!



Featured image: Photo Credit – AmericanStyle – Instagram

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