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A rose-red city half as old as time. – John Burgon

Petra is a magical place that brings each traveler into another world as they explore the beautiful city hidden deep in the canyons of Jordan. I had such a great experience visiting Petra! I recommend buying the two or three day ticket if you can so you have time to see the whole city.  So here are my favorite things to do in Petra:

Walk down the Siq and see the beautiful Treasury (اخزنة )

The first adventure you will experience during your time visiting Petra ( البترا in arabic or Πέτρα in Greek )  will be exploring the Siq, a canyon that leads you to the famous Treasury, It is quite a long walk but the excitement will make you completely forget your exhaustion! At the end of the red Siq is the majestic Treasury, a facade of a beautiful temple carved right into the rock. It is dazzling for anyone and is considered one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Hang out with the local Bedouins

It’s so much fun to hang out with the Bedouins and they have such funny and comical personalities! (click here to see all my photos of the fun Bedouins!)

I also enjoyed getting a new perspective on the site from how they live and their life living in the caves. Not only are there adults around, but also many children who try to sell postcards or trinkets. We enjoyed talking to them and getting to know them. It broke my heart to see them having to sell things instead of being in school, and they had fun talking to us and being kids again for awhile.

One day we went back to the site and played with the kids! We played catch with Trevor’s Indiana Jones hat, talked about nail polish and hair with the girls, and took a bunch of fun pictures. It was so beautiful to see them be themselves for awhile and play again.

The Bedouins of Petra

The Bedouins of Petra

Walk up to the Monastery and get a fresh Arabic coffee while enjoying the view

The hike to the monastery I would definitely recommend, but be aware, you will be tired by the end of it. Thankfully though, the beauty and majesty of the Monastery and the surrounding landscape as you walk weigh out against any pain or tiredness you might have.  And they also have a great traditional cafe right in front of the Monastery where you can rest your feet, relax, and enjoy a delicious local drink! We sat down, got delicious Arabic coffees and enjoyed the breath-taking view of the Monastery. With the cafe’s comfortable cushions, I could have stayed for hours staring out at the view.

Explore the Roman ruins inside the site past the Treasury

Not only does Petra have Nabatean ruins, but Roman ones as well. The Romans, who seemed to have been absolutely everywhere, were here too and created beautiful structures that still remain today. I loved the giant amphitheater and it is greatly preserved. It is amazing to walk around and see ruins from so many different eras and civilizations. I definitetly recommend spending some time in the Roman ruins and they make for great photo ops!


Have you ever been to Petra? What was your experience like?

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